One major difference with IMAC Inc. opposed to many of its competitors is the fact that IMAC, formerly IM&C, has been in the same physical location for over 20 years.  With a legendarily low attrition rate, many of the management team came from the original work force, including the top two positions to date.  The core team is composed of a very diversified, highly skilled, and experienced group, many having worked on projects such as the Alaska pipeline, Cherry Point Refinery construction, North Slope modules, the Minutemen Missile project, Plant turnaround & expansion and more.


IMAC is able to maintain a loyal management team as well as key Craftsmen through trust and decency in all business practices.  The current field supervision has an average of over 15 years with IMAC.  The estimating department average’s over 25 years of experience and works closely with the field supervision, with the team approach, we are able to provide honest, real world, and true pricing.


Not to be left out would be the ever dedicated office staff many having covered their respective departments for over 20 years.  When you call, you will not be talking to a temp or a recording, but a confident and knowledgeable team member.