Pit Liners are used primarily for the containment of oils and fuels. These uses may include: oil remediation pads, wastewater lagoons, oilfield pits, temporary storage pits, and drilling pad linings. Products used for long-term primary oil containment are: HDPE, Xr5, Claymax, and Bentomat.
Lagoon Liners:
A lagoon liner is used to contain large quantities of liquid water or waste. We can assist you in identifying the best material to contain the specific liquid you are dealing with, as our liners are available in a number of thicknesses and endless sizes. Wherever your projects take you, we can build, ship and install a liner that will meet your project’s requirements.
Pond Liners:
Pond liners serve many purposes from irrigation ponds to golf course hazards. Additionally, they are  used to create fire protection lagoons for rural homes and commercial applications. These waterproof woven polyethylene liners are heat-welded and coated on both sides to form a strong reliable liner for your pond or lagoon.